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Site Blocker

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Be Free From All Unwanted Websites With the Site Blocker

Site Blocker

In a world full of malicious websites, here’s a vital extension that will block anything unwanted from your search results. Site Blocker is a free and essential tool that blocks multiple websites simultaneously, saving your time and effort. However, no one knows how many harmful websites one goes through in a day since there are too many websites with digital threats. Moreover, these websites also waste our time at work by distracting us. Similarly, there could be multiple reasons to block certain websites from your browser. For instance, keeping some adult content away from your children’s focus when using the browser for education purposes. Therefore, you can use this extension to block and ban all the malicious or unwanted websites from your search results. 


Furthermore, using this extension will boost your productivity by saving your time. You will be able to focus on what matters most by blocking certain websites and their subdomains. Therefore, you and your system get complete protection by using Site Blocker.

Features of Site Blocker

Features of Site Blocker

➔ Site Blocker blocks and removes all the websites that you don’t want appearing in your search results. Therefore, you can block any hazardous website using this extension. Hence, you can protect your data and system from cyber threats.

➔ Before anything else, you must know that this Site Blocker is absolutely free, unlike other tools. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in anything to get this user-friendly extension to block threatful sites from your search engine.

➔ You can keep everything secured by password security on the options page. Therefore, only you have the control to block and unblock the websites. Hence, there is complete security while using this website blocker.

➔ Not only you can remove the distracting websites but also their sub-domains. Therefore, you will filter out all the unwanted websites along with their sub-domains. Hence, with this extension, you get to have a seamless online experience with zero interruptions.

➔ This website blocker blocks multiple websites at once. Moreover, all you need to do is paste all the URLs that you want to be removed in the “LOAD SITE,” option and just like that, all the malicious and undesired websites will be blocked from your search results.

➔ Furthermore, you have the option of creating a white list for yourself. A white list contains all the websites you don’t want to block or remove. In other words, the site blocker’s blocking settings will not be applied on the white list. Therefore, you have complete control through this website blocker.

➔ Similar to blocking, you can also unblock multiple websites at once. Therefore, you just need to paste all the URLs, and the site blocker will unblock all the websites at once, saving your time.

Site blocker is entirely safe to use, and it doesn’t collect any of your data. Therefore, everything you block using this extension is kept private. Furthermore, you won’t have to go through any hassle of signing up. Simply install this website blocker and start blocking any website according to your requirement.

How to Install The Site Blocker Extension?

You can quickly install this extension to your devices using these simple steps –

How to Install The Site Blocker Extension

How To Use The Site Blocker?

You can quickly install this extension to your devices using these simple steps –

Why Should You Use This?

Why Should You Use Site Blocker

Frequently Asked Questions

A website blocker filters the internet for you. It blocks and removes all the unwanted and harmful websites from appearing in your search engine. 

Yes. There are two methods to block sites with a Site blocker. You can block one website at a time by right-clicking on the website and selecting the “BLOCK THIS SITE” option. Furthermore, you can also block multiple sites and once. Just click on the extension icon and open the dashboard. You will see a “LOAD SITES” option on the left side. Paste the websites in separate lines in the text area, and all the websites will be blocked at once.

Yes, it is entirely safe to use the site blocker extension. It doesn’t collect any of your data and blocks any website that you find inappropriate.

Yes, you don’t have to invest in anything to use the site blocker. It is free of cost.

Site Blocker is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Hence, you can install this website blocker on these browsers.